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Kylie Freeman

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A Round Of Applause For Kylie Freeman

An article caught my eye the other day and I have been thinking about it every since. The article was from The Seattle Times and was entitled " Freeman gets 50 Years For Sexual Abuse."

The article is about Kenneth Freeman who sexual abused his daughter, but I focused mostly on Kylie Freeman, the victim.

The article talked about what Kylie endured, her fear, and bravery of overcoming the fear. Kylie was on the verge of suicide before telling her mother. It seems her family was in full support of her and her trip to survival.

In the article Kylie stated:

"Biologically Ken Freeman is my father, but many years ago he violated his right to be so... ," said Kylie, who spoke at two separate hearings. "Six years of silence, that is how afraid of him I was. But I'm not afraid anymore."

This a true statement of survival and although I do not know Kylie, I am proud. However, Kylie goes a step further. Kylie created a website, according to the article "to let others know that they are not alone and can heal through talking about their abuse."

This article touched me in so many ways, to see the strength, the desire to help others, and I must admit a bit of jealousy. A bad trait it is but reading about the immense support Kylie had warmed me yet made me want my friends and family support even more.

I created RASA Survivors for the same reason that Kylie did to let others know they can heal and that welcome somewhere.

It would be a great honor to have Kylie Freeman as a member, perhaps someday she will be.

Victoria Placeo

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